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Definition of Irony

Describing what irony is can be stressing and time-consuming. This is so in spite that many people find themselves using the word. Some of them use it correctly while others just use it like any other side not necessarily understanding its real meaning. When the end of something doesn’t happen as you expected then you can refer is to be ironical. Irony is when you are proved otherwise of a situation. For your information, the irony is very different from coincidence. Due to this people are not able to differentiate when things happen naturally. For example when a family member die and on the same day a baby is born in the family.

Irony has many functions in life. The purpose of the irony is to make the other person feel emotional about which the reason for feeling this doesn’t show up true. Make sure to click here for more information on how the irony works. Reading books and listening to videos that talk about irony are very important to increase your understanding about the word. This will help you to have the broad meaning of the word irony so that you can be using it correctly. On this website, we will discuss more the common three types of irony.

At first, let’s look at the verbal irony. Many people know about the verbal irony. In verbal irony what is said doesn’t match with the prevailing condition. The words expressed convey a different message from what the speaker is talking about. The benefits of verbal irony is to create the essence of humor with other people either naturally or for business. In times when you make a stupid mistake and your boss comments saying that is great of you, you are likely not to take the comment positively.

The other sort of irony is situational irony. The situational irony bring in an experience that could not be imagined at the beginning. The purpose of the situation irony is to create emotion. In situational irony you can either cry or laugh because what has happened. In situation irony, you feel for other people’s situation when you are not aware that the same situation will affect you later.

The next type of the irony we will talk about is the dramatic irony. The authors of novels and movies mostly use the dramatic irony. It encourages the audience to continue enjoying the story with the aim of knowing the final happening. The final outcome can be awful or full of happiness. The thoughts of the author are the opposite of what is to happen. In dramatic verbal the narrator of the story is aware of what is to happen but the reader is not.

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